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About Paharganj
Paharganj is situated close to New Delhi Railway station and so is Connaught Place. Both the areas have hotels, restaurants and shops for tourists. While hotels and restaurants at CP are costly, those at Paharganj are quite affordable for budget tourists. Same is the case with shopping. While roadside vendors at CP may offer cheaper items, the standard showrooms are only for the rich customers. Moreover, while a tourist may find a hotel in almost every street in Paharganj, the same cannot be said of CP. The shops and restaurants in Paharganj are not as intimidating as those in the CP.

Though the packed bazars and crowded lanes can be dirty, Paharganj is where backpackers congregate, and the back lanes hide one of Asia's biggest markets for export quality goodes. Sandwiched between the main sights and near the main railway station, its chief virtues are economy and convenience, with plenty of shops selling souvenirs and cheap clothes, travel agents, budget hotels and cafes catering for western tastes.

Paharganj is a picture depicting a 'mini-world'. Tourists of different nationalities mingle conveniently with each other. Language does not seem to be a barrier here. Foreigners express their demands and requirements in broken Hindi from the phrases they have crammed from various tourist guides and studied them intensively over a short period of time just before reaching India. The illiterate hotel boy conveniently and convincingly talks in broken English and at times even in French, German, Spanish (!!!) that he has picked up during his acquaintance with various tourists.

The traffic scene on the road of the main bazaar of Paharganj presents a scene of a whole and undivided integrity of all sorts of modes of transport. Bullock carts compete with the latest models of Honda Citys and Opel Astras, sharing the road with cyclists and jaywalkers - making no fuss about it.