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About Delhi
Everything about Delhi is poetry - its past and its present.

The most striking thing about Delhi is its heritage. Over 60,000 recognized monuments tell of the great dynasties that ruled over it, and of the beautiful and sharp sense of architectural conception and design. The city liver through many a conflict, and some of its monuments bear the scars from it, being built and destroyed a staggering seven times. Moving around Delhi, it's common to come across the imperial splendour of British architecture, imposing structures from the time of the Raj.

Delhi has been at the heart of India's vibrant history.

Delhi, the capital of India, lies in the northern region between the Aravalli Hills to the southwest and the Yamuna river, on whose western banks it stands. With a huge population of 25,333,741, Delhi is an interesting mix of people coming from different religious backgrounds (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians), following different customs and traditions, and belonging to different parts of the country. The principal spoken and written language is Hindi, but you can get along very well with English. You will find temples, mosques, gurudwaras, and churches everywhere in the city.

Delhi is famous for its kebabs and sweet dishes.

Delhi is an alive cosmopolitan city, owing to its multi-ethnicity and the multi-cultural presence. It is known for its vast Indian bureaucracy and political system and a potent economy. It has more than 160 embassies and an ever-growing expatriate population.

The beauty of the city is reflected in the way it has succeeded in preserving its glorious heritage, along with keeping pace with the demands of being a modern metropolis.

Delhi is a city that offers all modern comforts and the past traditional glories. Come along and drink deep from its invigorating potion of life. Welcome!!!